Change is Upon Us

Do you feel that? It’s Change. This month the last of the leaves will take on a new color and fall to the ground one by one. Soon the trees will stand bare, until the first snowfall that will cover their branches in pure white. The calendar year will quickly come to a close and we will start fresh.

It’s a great feeling to start over; have you ever wanted a fresh start? Maybe you are stuck at your current job and are seeking a way out, or maybe you are looking to jump-start your new life after college. Whatever the case may be, Reliance One can help you. The first step on the path to change is to submit your resume for review. Once a position becomes available, a Recruiter will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the position further. The next stage would be scheduling an interview and hopefully you will become our next employee. Be sure to view our current job openings on our social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay informed. Let us help you build your future.

MSED Platinum Award Winner

October 19, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One is honored to be named the Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit (MSED) Platinum Award Winner! Last night, the minority owned staffing company was presented with the Platinum Award at the MSED Annual Awards Gala, hosted at the Roostertail in Detroit, MI. Each year the MSED recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in the field of marketing or sales and helped their companies achieve critical business goals. The award is granted to “one team that successfully marketed and sold a new product or service, or an existing product or service to a new market,” according to Reliance One was nominated for this award earlier in the year and completed an interview with the MSED Selection Panel in September. During the interview, the Reliance One Leadership Team explained how they launched their rebranding/new marketing strategy when Reliance One opened their state of the art recruiting facility in March of 2012. Through hard work and determination, the team has been able to utilize all of the tools provided at the new headquarters to assist in doubling their sales. The success can be attributed to the sales team breaking into new markets and showing clients the value of solving staffing challenges. Accepting the award for Reliance One were Founders, James Beath and James Paquette and their wives Tiffany and Josie, Jeff Gardner – Vice President of Sales, Chad Toms – National Sales Manager and his wife Dawn, Rob Wicker – Senior Account Executive, Kristen Bradish – Administrative Services Manager, and Chris Brelinski – Senior Technical Recruiter. The team could not be more excited to be presented with such a prestigious award. James Beath, President of Reliance One expressed, “I am very humbled to accept this award on behalf of Reliance One. I would like to thank the MSED, as well as every person within the Reliance One team. They are the real reason we were nominated.”

Looking for a Job?

Control what you can control!

At Reliance One we consult with our clients to solve their staffing challenges.  This consultative approach to our business takes a lot of time and preparation in order to deliver the desired results.   We work just as hard to advise and prepare our candidates with their career search.  As a job seeker, it is important to prepare yourself for the evolving market; the best way to do this is to control what you can control.

As one of Top 20 largest staffing companies in the metropolitan area, we guide and coach candidates to do the things they need to do to be successful in today’s job market.  We take pride in spending time with each candidate; the process usually starts with a close look at their resume.  We work with job seekers to inventory and take credit for all of their past experiences in their previous positions.  This requires the candidate to think about all of their employment history to ensure they are accounting for all past knowledge.  We then recommend the candidate to include this relevant content in their resume.

Once the resume is polished, we take a look to see what the candidate is doing to network with people that can help them.  This includes attending industry events, as well as, utilizing online networking opportunities.  Despite popular belief, there are industry seminars and networking groups in most every line of work.  Whether the career field is Information Technology, Finance or Engineering, there are groups with which to network.  By taking advantage of networking, it allows candidates to meet people currently employed in positions and industries where they are looking to gain employment.  Another great way to network is utilizing online social media tools, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.  These networking sites allow job seekers to connect with groups and individuals in the specific industry that they are looking to obtain employment.

If we have been able to arrange an interview for a candidate, the individual must understand there is a lot of preparation necessary in order to set them up for success.  The candidate should spend time going over their relevant work history and form correlations to the position for which they are interviewing.  This may include refreshing their knowledge of key skill sets the potential employer has listed as necessary for the position.

The next thing a candidate should do is research. They will need to research the company they are interviewing with, as well as, the individuals that are assigned to conduct the interview.   This may include, but is not limited to, going to the company website, using search engines to learn the latest news on the company, and searching social media sites to understand the audience.  This research will ensure the candidate is familiar with the company’s current forecast and will provide a deeper understanding of why the company is adding to their team.  In addition, through research the candidate may find a shared connection with the interviewees which may create opportunities to connect on a different level; you may have attended the same college or have similar hobbies.

The last thing we do is help the candidate prepare themselves for the interview.  There is a lot of emphasis on the first impressions for both our candidates and clients.  We coach our candidates and advise them to present themselves professionally – typically suits are appropriate; cleaned and pressed, as well as shoes that are business professional and polished.  Grooming and personal hygiene are also emphasized.  We encourage the candidate to practice their responses to commonly asked interview questions and feel comfortable explaining experience in previous positions. The candidate should also prepare some well thought out questions that are pertinent to the company and position for which they are interviewing.

We instruct and encourage our candidates to do all the things within their control to be successful in their job search.  There are plenty of things that we cannot control, but by making sure you have represented your experience to the best of your ability, networking with those in your industry and preparing for your interview opportunities, you will put yourself ahead of the other job seekers.

Rob Wicker is a Senior Account Executive at Reliance One.  He is highly experienced with consulting organizations in areas of Information Technology, Marketing and Management.  He is characterized as a career coach and communications leader.

Baker College Career Fair

October, 16, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One Technical Recruiters, Megan Mahaffy and Wes Oliver are attending a local career fair today at Baker College in Auburn Hills. Located in Oakland County, this 17-acre campus holds 65 classrooms and offers a wide range of programs that gives Baker students a leg up against others in the work force. Today’s event is open from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm to current students and alumni. Reliance One recruiters will be on site to answer any questions and accept resumes for open positions, make sure you stop by and introduce yourself. Don’t forget to scan our QR code for a chance to win a gift card!

MSED Platinum Awards Gala Approaching

October 16, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – The social event of the year is finally upon us! This Thursday, October 18, Reliance One will be attending the Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit (MSED) Annual Award Gala. Each year at this prestigious event one individual and one team are presented with the Platinum Award that acknowledges strength in the areas of marketing and sales. Reliance One has been nominated as a Platinum Award Finalist, the minority owned company works hard to provide solutions to enable customers to meet the evolving workforce demands and solve staffing challenges. Representing Reliance One are Owners, James Beath and James Paquette and their wives Tiffany and Josie, Jeff Gardner – Vice President of Sales, Rob Wicker – Senior Account Executive, Chad Toms – National Sales Manager and his wife Dawn, Kristen Bradish – Administrative Services Manager, and Chris Brelinski – Senior Technical Recruiter. The Reliance One team is honored to be in attendance and they look forward to attending this great event.

Reliance One Looking to Hire Over 200 Employees!

October 11, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One is looking to hire!  In the coming weeks and months, we are looking to hire over 250 Test Drivers to support our client, a large Tier 1 Supplier.  The Test Drivers will drive pre and post production vehicles from fuel economy models to supercharged roadsters.  The work entails daily reviews to help improve quality and reduce warranty costs for a local OEM.  Since 2010, Reliance One has managed the driving program and currently employs well over 400 employees.  This important evaluation program along with ROI’s other success has grown the company to rapidly becoming one of the largest employers in Oakland County.

The Test Driver program offers flexible schedules for those with and without commercial driver’s licenses.   CDL Drivers do get a premium wage, if qualified.  No experience is necessary and working a flexible schedule is available.  This could be the perfect opportunity to earn extra money for the holidays or as a second job.  We hire many retirees and college students, as well as, those looking for a steady job.  There are full time hours available and room for advancement.  “The project that is scheduled to continue into 2014 which is a great opportunity for someone looking to get their foot in the door with a large Tier 1 supplier”, Reliance One Vice President James Paquette shared.  Chad Toms, National Sales Manager, adds “It has been a great experience to provide such a valued service to our client and we look forward to hiring as many people as possible, especially as we near the holidays.  We are honored and feel that it is a great opportunity to be able to provide so many jobs to people during these difficult times.  Having been a part of the program since Day One, it has been a rewarding experience overall.   Plus, we are thrilled to help generate positive results by improving quality and reducing warranty issues which helps grow automotive sales for the OEM.”

Please forward this message to anyone seeking employment in the Metro Detroit area, including retirees, college students, and seasonal employees.  It is a great way to get back to work and drive some exciting new vehicles.  If you’d like to be a part of this growing project contact us at (248)393-1030 or simply send your resume to Also, please visit our website ( to learn more about our Talent Acquisition Capabilities.

 About Reliance One, Inc.
Reliance One Inc., is a Michigan Corporation, founded in 1998 by Jim Beath and Jim Paquette. Reliance One is a provider of staffing solutions and is a recognized leader in the industry. We provide organizations with flexible solutions that translate to improved performance, reduced costs and timely resources.

Reliance One has exceeded both revenue and profits over the last 13 years. The company has grown to a multi-state Recruiting Service that has over 200 diverse clients that rely on our services. Recognized by Crains Detroit Business as one of the Top 20 Largest Staffing-Service Companies in Michigan.  Reliance One is a certified minority owned business by the MMSDC and now has four offices in Michigan.

In March of 2012, Reliance One completed rebranding effort which included a new logo, a tagline of  “Solving Staffing Challenges”, and the mantra of “We Build Teams”.  The “ROI Advantage” is our consultative approach to make sure our clients are getting flexible staffing solutions with high quality resources.   In addition, a new 26,000 square foot “state-of-the-art” building which is outfitted to be fun, inspiring, and productive.


Recruiter Referral – Alex Keith, Joins Reliance One

October 9, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One is presenting a unique opportunity to its internal employees as well as the public. We are looking for Technical Recruiter referrals. Once the recruiter is hired and reaches 90 days of service a $500 cash referral bonus will be issued! We’re always looking for sales driven candidates to join our team and as the company prospers the demand for internal staff members is growing. Jim Uelmen, Technical Recruiter, took advantage of this opportunity and referred our newest Reliance One employee, Alex Keith.  Alex is an extremely motivated individual, Jim can attest to this after knowing him for over 10 years. Alex attended school locally at both Oakland University and Oakland Community College.  He graduated from the Fire Academy at OCC and currently works as an on call Firefighter for Rochester Hills. In his free time, he enjoys staying active at the gym and going out with friends. Alex is already aware of the opportunities for growth that Reliance One offers, he is excited to start recruiting and hopes to one day grow into a sales oriented position. Reliance One would like to send a warm welcome to Technical Recruiter, Alex Keith!

Reliance One Leaves a Positive Foot Print in Mount Pleasant

Reliance One has had a reoccurring presence at Central Michigan University recently. On October 5th two Technical Recruiters, Josh Flaugher and Sarah Staroba, attended the Alpha Kappa Psi Career Day that brought in over 700 students. Earlier in the week, Matt VanNorman and Adam Lipski represented Reliance One at the first annual CMU student-athlete career symposium. The event was designed to educate the student-athletes about various topics that are extremely important post-graduation when seeking a job or position. Both Account Managers who are former athletes talked to the scholars about assessing personal values when searching for a company and how to properly follow up after an interview. “Athletes dedicate so much time throughout the season that it was nice to be able to give back to them, our hope is the skills they learned at this presentation will give them a leg up from other candidates,” quoted Matt VanNorman. The situations discussed at the symposium will benefit the students during the hiring process and beyond.

Reliance One Attends OU Career Fair

Yesterday, October 2nd, local campus Oakland University hosted an Engineering and IT Career Fair. The university, home to over 19,000 students, opened the doors to both undergrad and graduates seeking employment. “It felt great to be back making a presence on campus as an alumnus,” said Christie Firestine. “There were many familiar faces which helped to connect to the applicants.” Luke Thome, Technical Recruiter, felt that there were some strong candidates in attendance. “It was great to see many reputable companies in attendance as well as so many students looking to better themselves and make professional connections.”  In just a couple of days, Reliance One will be in Mount Pleasant attending the Central Michigan University Alpha Kappa Pi Career Day happening on October 5th.