Why Choose a Reliance One Recruiter

cytonn-photography-n95VMLxqM2I-unsplashWhether you are seeking career growth, re-entering the workforce, looking to get into a new field, or are a passive candidate who’s simply open to listening about what’s out there, identifying and pursuing the right opportunity can be difficult. A job posting often provides a limited amount of information, making it difficult to know what the hiring manager is truly looking for, whether you are qualified, or if the position is something you would actually be interested in. Additionally, not all openings are posted publicly; there are many that only a recruiter has access to. Finally, if you are not actively looking for a new opportunity, you most likely won’t come across or hear about that perfect position.

People can be skeptical and decide to search on their own but working with a recruiter provides a proven advantage when trying to identify the right position and the right organization for you. Reliance One has some of the best recruiters in the industry, for reasons that include:

  1. We’re experts. This is what we do; all day, every day. Reliance One recruiters are industry experts who have all been professionally trained, possess working experience, and participate in ongoing professional development. Our recruiters are trained by our dedicated Training Manager and our team of experienced Senior Recruiters, as well as our Office Leads and sales staff. They understand the staffing industry, market trends, and the best ways to successfully pursue a new opportunity. A Reliance One recruiter knows their client well, which means they understand what the clients’ needs are and can share details about the company with you that you may not find on a website.
  2. We listen. At Reliance One, our recruiters take the time to get to know you and understand what you are looking for in a position and company. Your recruiter will make it a point to gain a solid understanding of your background and skill set, as well as to know what your career goals are so that they can ensure any potential opportunity they present to you will align well with your goals and qualifications. Our recruiters will do their best to never waste your time with an opportunity that isn’t a good fit.
  3. We’re people. Applying to a position online puts your resume into a database with hundreds of others, a database that is most likely utilizing a search algorithm that only pushes through resumes with a specific set of key words. Even though you may be a perfect fit for the position, your resume may never make it to the hiring manager due to sheer volume or because you’re missing one key word on your resume. At Reliance One, our recruiters do more than search for key words. We take the time to read through your resume and understand your background. In addition, our sales team builds strong relationships with hiring managers and are able to get your resume to them directly, ensuring that your resume doesn’t get lost in the mix.
  4. We care. Your Reliance One recruiter will keep in touch with you throughout the process and provide you with candid feedback. You will never be left wondering what happened after an interview. Your recruiter will provide resume help, interview tips, and insight into the hiring managers background and the company with which you are interviewing. A Reliance One recruiter will do everything they can to help you find the right opportunity and would love to stay in contact with you regardless of what happens with the role you are pursuing.

These are just some of the things that make our recruiters among the best in the industry. Our candidates have found that the chances of landing that perfect career opportunity are greatly increased when working with a Reliance One recruiter. If you’re ready to step into a new opportunity, connect with one of our recruiters by giving us a call at (248) 922 – 4500.


Written by Ryan Baranik, Senior Technical Recruiter II

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