Reliance One Leaves a Positive Foot Print in Mount Pleasant

Reliance One has had a reoccurring presence at Central Michigan University recently. On October 5th two Technical Recruiters, Josh Flaugher and Sarah Staroba, attended the Alpha Kappa Psi Career Day that brought in over 700 students. Earlier in the week, Matt VanNorman and Adam Lipski represented Reliance One at the first annual CMU student-athlete career symposium. The event was designed to educate the student-athletes about various topics that are extremely important post-graduation when seeking a job or position. Both Account Managers who are former athletes talked to the scholars about assessing personal values when searching for a company and how to properly follow up after an interview. “Athletes dedicate so much time throughout the season that it was nice to be able to give back to them, our hope is the skills they learned at this presentation will give them a leg up from other candidates,” quoted Matt VanNorman. The situations discussed at the symposium will benefit the students during the hiring process and beyond.

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