Mike Liskey – New IT Manager for Reliance One

August 21, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Please help Reliance One welcome Mike Liskey, Information Technology Manager. Reliance One’s exponential growth has triggered the demand for an in house technical support individual that will focus on both troubleshooting daily issues as well as programming special projects. Mike who will be working at the corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills is highly qualified and brings a resume that displays over 20 years of IT experience as well as background in software development management for global internet and collaboration applications. “I am very excited about Reliance One and the opportunity to help build the company and build an IT presence here”, Mike said. Mike is very active in the community; he serves as youth Director at Stone Haven Free Methodist Church, volunteers at the Stone Haven Theater Company and manages a band called the Heavenly Embers. Reliance One is thrilled to have Mike aboard the team to help shape the technical aspect of the company.

Reliance One Partners with Global EMERGENT to Accelerate Growth

Auburn Hills, Mich. August 15, 2012– Reliance One, a Michigan based national staffing firm has selected Global EMERGENT, headed by automotive insider Herb Everss, to help build and accelerate the Reliance One brand among automotive executive decision makers globally. With exceptionally strong growth over the past two years and new headquarters, Reliance One is aiming to taking their business to an even higher level, becoming a strategic partner for fiscally minded companies with a growing demand for high level human resources placement.  “We have recognized that firms are working hard and smart to do more with less personnel says Reliance One President, Jim Beath.  “While our core business is staffing, it has become obvious to us that aspect of servicing Human Resources is expanding to include programs with colleges and universities, building up new hires for the future, coaching and guidance skills to clients who have identified candidates for upward mobility, and technology tools that allow us immediate access to the optimum candidates.  Our intent is to be strategic partners in every phase of interaction with our clients, by being a full-service human resource development provider” continues Beath.

With over 35 years of international experience in the automotive industry, Global EMERGENT will facilitate these opportunities for Reliance One; an extensive executive network for one-to-one meetings with key executives, in event settings and selected trade shows, and overall strategic guidance.  Global EMERGENT President Herb Everss and his team are an effective “match maker” for the mutual benefit of both parties.  “It takes years of prospecting to even get to the top level decision makers, that Herb and his team provides valuable shortcuts, because he has ready access to the very people we seek to connect with, says Beath, “by partnering with Global EMERGENT, we are able to present our value proposition at the highest levels in targeted organizations.”.

“It’s proven that in the business cultivating process, effective use of strong relationships enables companies and those wanting to do business with them, provides the maximum benefit by getting those people together in the traditional one to one meeting environments.” Reliance One’s management team welcomes the coaching and guidance to achieve their aggressive growth objectives,” continues Everss.  “By providing experienced mentorship, with the assistance of Keith Stone, EVP of Intellitrends LLC for strategic development, exposure to industry executives, the team of Reliance One is poised to become the top staffing company in the region.  Their business model, desire for success and energy has served them well, and it is my pleasure to promote their firm.”

About Global EMERGENT INC. Global EMERGENT, Inc. is an automotive strategic business development company, founded by Herbert Everss. Everss’ career includes 35 years of international experience in the automotive industry, with concentrated expertise in new business development with such companies as Walbro, Siemens Automotive, Mannesmann VDO, Textron and European companies new to the North American auto industry.  His work with clients in the business development process helps to reduce the time and investment required for market entry and expansion in the United States.  Clients include The Thomas Group, SAE International, MBtech, the State of Kentucky, Prettl, Rostra Precision Controls, Navistar, Inc., CST, CU-ICAR, IAV-Engineering, Siemens PLM Software, TI Automotive & Hella.

About Intellitrends — Marlene Stone founded Intellitrends, LLC in 1989.  Intellitrends is a full service market vision company providing customer research and intelligence studies, customer and employee satisfaction studies, WIN/LOSS reviews to enable companies to establish a benchmark of best sales practices to help them win more business, and focus groups and mock trial programs.  Intellitrends’ basic philosophy is each resulting research project should not become “desk ware.”  They have the depth and understanding to provide information that is actionable and measurable.
About Reliance One — Reliance One, Inc. is a Michigan Corporation, founded in 1998 by Jim Beath and Jim Paquette. Reliance One is a provider of staffing solutions and is a recognized leader in the industry. We provide organizations with flexible solutions that translate to improved performance, reduced costs and timely resources.
Under the direction of the leadership team, Reliance One has exceeded both revenue and profits over the last 13 years. The company has grown to a multi-state Recruiting Service that has over 200 diverse clients that rely on our services. Recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the Top 20 Largest Staffing-Service Companies in Michigan we have three offices in Michigan.

A Special Thank You to Reliance One’s Summer Interns

August 14, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One launched the Summer 2012 Internship Program by hiring four reputable interns. With the debut of such a program, Reliance One was hoping to teach young adults about entrepreneurship and offer an opportunity for students to gain applicable, hands-on work experience. Morgan Leaym, Alex Jones, Nick Nawrocki and Lindsey Krasny helped to complete the Reliance One team. By working in recruiter positions, the interns worked hard to find candidate’s great job opportunities. “I love the feeling of getting someone a job, it’s so rewarding”, Morgan commented. During the summer months these dedicated students gained valuable skills they will take with them to their future endeavors.  Nick said, “This experience gave me insight to the real world, it was a great opportunity.” Lead by their Account Managers and fellow employees, the interns learned the ropes of recruiting and gained exposure to the corporate world. Reliance One provided the interns training and hands on experience in a professional environment, however, the interns returned the favor by helping to accelerate growth of the company. Chris Brelinski, Senior Technical Recruiter said, The Interns have been a pleasant addition to the company and will be missed. They were open to learning the business and quickly grasped the skills necessary to be a benefit to the organization.” Reliance One would like to thank Morgan, Nick, Alex, and Lindsey for their efforts this summer and would like to wish them all the best!

Gardner White Job Fair Today, Monday August 13th.

CANTON, Mich. (WXYZ) – Gardner-White Furniture is expanding and is looking to hire 100 people to fill a variety of positions.

The furniture store will host a job fair Monday to fill sales, customer service, drivers, furniture assemblers, warehouse, service technicians, office support, stock and housekeeping positions.

The job fair is happening from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at its showroom in Canton. That’s located at 39450 Ford Road.

Candidates should bring several copies of their resume and be prepared for interviews.

Gardner-White says sales staff earn an average annual income of $52,000. Top producers can earn in excess of $105,000.

More information about the Gardner-White Job Fair can be found at www.gardner-white.com.

Make the Most Out of a Temporary Position

At Reliance One, some of the positions we look to fill are temporary or short term assignments that are for a fixed amount of time. We have found that a lot of companies need support for a lot longer than they initially anticipated or a position may become available.You should always make the most out of any opportunity you are given – temporary or not. Here are some helpful hints on how to navigate the field and take advantage of your situation.

1)      Keep your options open. When you take temporary or project-based assignments, you have time to find out what jobs are for you and what aren’t. Short- term jobs can help you decide what avenue you want to explore next. “Staffing companies hire for all types of skills, from the fast food industry and warehousing to IT specialists and corporate executives.”

2)      Build your skills. Each position offers an opportunity to learn new skills and build you resume. Get involved in as many projects as possible and talk to experienced team members to gain valuable insights. “Take online courses to gain certifications and make yourself more marketable. Many courses are low cost and sometimes free.”

3)      Be flexible. If you’re seeking a full-time job it’s important to let your personal and social networks know that you are open to temporary or project-based assignments as well. Employers like to know your open to more than one thing. Marketing yourself as flexible could open more doors. If you’re in a temporary or contract position let the Supervisor that you would be open to a longer term position. Be sure to ask if you can use them as a reference in the future when you’re applying at other companies.

4)      Tweak your resume. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a senior-level executive there is always room to expand on a resume. The experiences you gain at a temporary position will help build your resume and give you current work experience to share. Employers today are focusing more skills, and experience. Detailing the projects you oversee, and highlighting major career successes, including those you accomplished during temporary assignments will give your resume the added boost it needs.

5)      Give your temporary position your all. Take advantage of everything a temporary job offers. Network with everyone you meet and give your best every day. Don’t think of your assignments as “just a temp job”, it could potentially turn into a full-time position.

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Lindsay Smith Two Year Anniversary with Reliance One

Lindsay Smith, Administrative Assistant at Reliance One has just celebrated her two year anniversary with the company. “Lindsay has grown exponentially in the last two years both personally and professionally. She is a huge asset to the team at Reliance One and has a key role that keeps the company moving forward. There is no doubt in my mind that Lindsay will continue to raise the bar and push those around her to their fullest potential”, raved Kristen Bradish, Administrative Services Manager. Lindsay began her career with Reliance One at the Birmingham Farms office where she handled various administrative duties and supported the launch of the Test Driving Division. Lindsay was promoted after just one year and now manages all of the accounting at the corporate office located in Auburn Hills. She admits, “It is great to come to work every day and know that the leadership team is always encouraging your initiative and drive to succeed within the company.”  When she’s not working hard she enjoys spending time with her dogs and baking. Reliance One would like to congratulate Lindsay on her two year mark with the company and wish her continued success.

Ruth Ellis Center Event

August 7th, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – This month, Reliance One played an active role in the community by hosting two different workshops at the Ruth Ellis Center located in Highland Park. The Ruth Ellis Center provides support for runaway, homeless and at-risk gay, lesbian, bi-attractional, transgender and questioning youth in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.  Amish McDonald, Lindsay Smith, and Nick Nawrocki represented Reliance One by conducting the workshops. Day one was a Resume Writing Workshop that focused on the proper formatting techniques which was followed by day two an Interview Workshop that noted the dos and don’ts of interviewing. Amish reflected on the event by stating, “The workshops really benefited them; we used a unique approach by connecting with the group not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well, we wanted to make them feel comfortable.” At each workshop a PowerPoint presentation was shown followed by one-on-one assistance.  Nick, commented on the event stating, “We gave them advice on everything from what to wear to an interview to making your resume stand out to employers.” Staying up to date on beneficial tips like the ones given at the Ruth Ellis Center can give you the upper hand when trying to land a job. “This event a great way for Reliance One to be involved in the community and assist people with their resume and interview skills in order to improve their future”, Lindsay added.  To get more information on up-coming events for Reliance One, visit www.reliance-one.com and click on News and Events.

Megan Mahaffy – New Recruiter!

This week, at Reliance One, Megan Mahaffy begins her journey as a new Recruiter! Megan spent last week training with Senior Technical Recruiter, Alicia Bradley. Alicia mentioned, “Megan was very focused and committed during the training week.  I’m looking forward to watching her develop here, and I have no doubt she will succeed in a recruiting role and beyond.” Megan was motivated from the moment she walked into Reliance One, her goal is to grow into an Account Management position. Megan’s drive mirrored her success at Saginaw Valley State University where she graduated with a Marketing Degree. After school, Megan worked as a Field Examiner but desired more interaction with others, which is something she will do daily at Reliance One. “We are excited to have Megan join our team and feel she has the background and experience that will make her a key contributor to the Reliance One Team.” Rob Wicker, Senior Account Executive speaks for the group with his statement. Welcome aboard Megan!

8 Tips for Getting Great Job References

With more companies researching job candidates online and through social media, it may seem as if traditional references are less useful than they used to be. Have they become obsolete?

Far from it. For hiring managers, there’s still no substitute for discussing you and your work with the people who know those topics best. References are a great way to distinguish professionals who have made a lasting impact on their employers from those who merely look good on paper.

Hiring managers hear lots of vague praise. A recommendation that seems halfhearted or generic can actually hurt your chances of receiving an offer. Ho-hum references can suggest not only that you haven’t knocked the socks off previous employers, but also that you didn’t put much thought into preparing your reference team.

While you can’t control what your references say about you, you can set yourself up to receive powerful endorsements. Here are eight tips for doing so.

1. Don’t wait. Start preparing your list of references before you send out your resume. A last-minute scramble to put references together can lead to incoherent or irrelevant recommendations. Employers expect three to five references; it’s a good idea to line up more than you need and then choose the most pertinent ones for each prospective position.

2. Choose wisely. Choose your references based on their ability to provide meaningful impressions about you, not the prestige of their title. A busy chief information officer who remembers you fondly but struggles to recall any of your specific achievements may be less helpful than a colleague who has worked alongside you on numerous projects.

3. Round out your team. Hiring managers understand that candidates in the early stages of their career may not have a deep pool of managers and colleagues from which to choose. Former professors or fellow members of a professional association can work fine as long as they know you well and have strong communication skills.

4. Ask first. No matter how confident you are about someone’s appreciation for your work, never list a reference without permission. Even if the reference isn’t miffed by your presumption, she’s unlikely to deliver a convincing endorsement during a surprise phone call.

Note how long it takes each potential reference to respond to your request. If you don’t hear back promptly, chances are a hiring manager won’t either.

5. Keep in touch. After someone has agreed to serve as a reference, verify his contact information and provide your up-to-date resume. Follow up whenever you think the person is likely to receive a call. This gives you a chance to confirm your reference’s availability and to brief him on the key requirements of the position. Ideally your contact will start thinking about specific reasons you’d be a good fit.

6. Be thorough. On your reference list, include each person’s name, title, company, email address and phone number. A sentence or two about your work history with each reference can help the hiring manager ask the most pertinent questions. Hiring managers assume that references are available upon request, so you don’t need to include that phrase on your resume.

7. Be upfront. If you don’t want your current boss to know you’re looking for a new job, mention that to the hiring manager when you provide your references. Otherwise, the omission of your direct supervisor might look like a red flag. A trusted, discreet colleague at your company may make a suitable replacement.

8. Come prepared. You shouldn’t provide your references until they’re requested, but it’s a good idea to bring a hard copy to your interview. Presenting a complete list on the spot suggests confidence and strong organizational skills.

Building and maintaining a reference list shouldn’t be confined to your job search. If you treat it as an ongoing part of your professional networking efforts, you won’t have to sweat the process each time you’re on the market. Stay in touch and let your most valued contacts know that you’re available to provide  references, too. Your endorsement might be the deciding factor for someone whose work you appreciate — and for that person’s fortunate new employer.

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