Looking for a Job?

Control what you can control!

At Reliance One we consult with our clients to solve their staffing challenges.  This consultative approach to our business takes a lot of time and preparation in order to deliver the desired results.   We work just as hard to advise and prepare our candidates with their career search.  As a job seeker, it is important to prepare yourself for the evolving market; the best way to do this is to control what you can control.

As one of Top 20 largest staffing companies in the metropolitan area, we guide and coach candidates to do the things they need to do to be successful in today’s job market.  We take pride in spending time with each candidate; the process usually starts with a close look at their resume.  We work with job seekers to inventory and take credit for all of their past experiences in their previous positions.  This requires the candidate to think about all of their employment history to ensure they are accounting for all past knowledge.  We then recommend the candidate to include this relevant content in their resume.

Once the resume is polished, we take a look to see what the candidate is doing to network with people that can help them.  This includes attending industry events, as well as, utilizing online networking opportunities.  Despite popular belief, there are industry seminars and networking groups in most every line of work.  Whether the career field is Information Technology, Finance or Engineering, there are groups with which to network.  By taking advantage of networking, it allows candidates to meet people currently employed in positions and industries where they are looking to gain employment.  Another great way to network is utilizing online social media tools, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.  These networking sites allow job seekers to connect with groups and individuals in the specific industry that they are looking to obtain employment.

If we have been able to arrange an interview for a candidate, the individual must understand there is a lot of preparation necessary in order to set them up for success.  The candidate should spend time going over their relevant work history and form correlations to the position for which they are interviewing.  This may include refreshing their knowledge of key skill sets the potential employer has listed as necessary for the position.

The next thing a candidate should do is research. They will need to research the company they are interviewing with, as well as, the individuals that are assigned to conduct the interview.   This may include, but is not limited to, going to the company website, using search engines to learn the latest news on the company, and searching social media sites to understand the audience.  This research will ensure the candidate is familiar with the company’s current forecast and will provide a deeper understanding of why the company is adding to their team.  In addition, through research the candidate may find a shared connection with the interviewees which may create opportunities to connect on a different level; you may have attended the same college or have similar hobbies.

The last thing we do is help the candidate prepare themselves for the interview.  There is a lot of emphasis on the first impressions for both our candidates and clients.  We coach our candidates and advise them to present themselves professionally – typically suits are appropriate; cleaned and pressed, as well as shoes that are business professional and polished.  Grooming and personal hygiene are also emphasized.  We encourage the candidate to practice their responses to commonly asked interview questions and feel comfortable explaining experience in previous positions. The candidate should also prepare some well thought out questions that are pertinent to the company and position for which they are interviewing.

We instruct and encourage our candidates to do all the things within their control to be successful in their job search.  There are plenty of things that we cannot control, but by making sure you have represented your experience to the best of your ability, networking with those in your industry and preparing for your interview opportunities, you will put yourself ahead of the other job seekers.

Rob Wicker is a Senior Account Executive at Reliance One.  He is highly experienced with consulting organizations in areas of Information Technology, Marketing and Management.  He is characterized as a career coach and communications leader.

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