Leaders Are Created, Not Born.

What does it take to become an effective leader? Sadly, few put in the time and effort it takes to improve their leadership skills. As author of the article, Learn to Listen to Your Team, Jim Kim recognizes leadership as a contact sport suggesting you will only find success in leadership if you listen to your team and understand how they respond to you.

At Reliance One, We Build Teams. Our sales teams consist of Account Managers and Recruiters that are constantly working to develop themselves. Technical Recruiter, Wes Oliver, quotes “When I started, I made it clear I wanted to move into sales. My Manager Ryan Long supported my goal, set an example, and consistently pushes me to improve.” One of the motto’s “Don’t get comfortable” is constantly used around the office by Vice President, Jim Paquette. This motto reminds everyone that there is no finish line when striving for success. Our leaders expect change and are willing to adapt to whatever mission is set before them.

A company leader, Jeff Gardner states, “You cannot lead if you are not approachable.  At Reliance One we have created an open environment where our leaders actively seek out the opinions of everyone in our company.  Though it is important to be decisive as a leader, it is important that every employee is heard, even if everyone does not agree.  It is important to lead but, just as important to listen and solicit feedback.” Learn more about the “sport” of leading in the article below, http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130226114206-32702694-best-advice-learn-to-listen-to-your-team