Blocking and Tackling For Meetings

Written By: Rob Wicker, VP of Recruitment and Operations

As many sports team’s head to the practice field to prepare for another season it made me think of how every team starts out – working on the fundamentals.  The planning for a practice is probably more important than the practice itself and the same goes for a well-run meeting.  When planning a meeting make sure you consider the following best practices:

  1. Define what you are trying to get out of the meeting (or if you need to even have a meeting).
  2. Make sure you have a detailed agenda.
  3. Organize your presentations and handouts to compliment what you are attempting to accomplish.
  4. Only invite people that will participate in the meeting.
  5. Wrap up your meeting with next steps and clear expectations.

Just like a great head coach, it is important to have a detailed game plan for a successful outcome.  Put these best practices into your routine and watch the productivity and wins add up!

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