Safety First!

Written By: Katelyn Allinder, Human Resource Assistant

Employers across the nation face the risk of injury every day. Katelyn Allinder has recently spent time taking OSHA Education classes as well as attending Certified Risk Manager (CRM) training in Florida. As a result, she is passing along these tips to aid in injury prevention:

  • Conduct pre-employment screenings/tests: this ensures that the employee designated to do a specific job has the experience and ability to do so.
  • Educate and properly train the employees: continuing to educate employees on the importance of workplace safety can significantly reduce the amount of injuries sustained
  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment: enforcing the utilization of PPE such as safety goggles, face protection, hard hats, etc. can protect employees from major injuries and reduce the amount of risk they are exposed to.
  • Don’t skip steps: the chance of accidents increases significantly when employees take short cuts and cut corners.
  • Encourage employees to speak up: Getting feedback from employees where they see potential hazards can help the company stay proactive in managing risks.

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